ElexoPharm is an innovative biopharmaceutical company specialized in Hit Discovery, Lead Finding and Lead Optimization. In proprietary pre-clinical research programs, ElexoPharm focuses on endocrinological diseases resulting in license offers to interested parties within the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, ElexoPharm provides a variety of CRO services, e.g. custom synthesis, analytics or in vitro testing in established cellular and biochemical assays to determine the biological activity of chemical compounds (see Table Cell lines and Assays). Furthermore, ElexoPharm is partner in several international and interdisciplinary project teams funded by European EUROSTARS and EuroTransBio research programs.

From Hit to Lead

ElexoPharm distinguishes itself by highly qualified employees with long-standing expertise in rational drug design and in vitro testing. This enables ElexoPharm to achieve your goals in a rapid and efficient manner. To obtain highly potent, selective compounds, novel compound classes are screened in target-relevant cellular and biochemical assays to identify hit compounds. The development of hit to lead compounds, and further optimization towards preclinical drug candidates with acceptable pharmacokinetic profile are systematically pushed forward using state-of-the-art methodologies.

Top Issues

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