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You are looking for an experienced partner to provide support in the preclinical drug development process or are interested in licensing novel innovative projects in the field of steroid dependent diseases?

ElexoPharm is a company providing services for medicinal chemistry research for the pharmaceutical industry. We are focused on the optimisation of new drugs. Furthermore ElexoPharm runs an own drug development programme resulting in license offers.

Recent advances in these projects are summarized here.
General information about ElexoPharm can be obtained here.

We offer consulting, research cooperations and research services on the field of drug discovery. We are focused on rational drug design, especially on hit optimisation and the development of new lead compounds. Here we have extensive experience to carry on proceedings quickly in order to ensure ideal results for our customers.

If you have identified a novel "drugable" target, we can help you to develop a drug candidate for the treatment of the disease related to the target protein.

We offer three special packages:

Hit FindingFrom Hit to LeadLead Optimisation

Additionally, ElexoPharm offers disease-oriented cell lines and target-relevant assays.  In cooperation with our partners we can as well supply the biological technology platform for the establishment of a suitable test system for the biological evaluation of active compounds.

To demonstrate our experience, some selected recent projects are summarized here.


  1. Possibility of a short term verification of novel biological targets towards their applicability in pharmaceutical therapy (proof of concept).
  2. Minimisation of the economic risk by research contracts with limited duration.
  3. Acceleration of the procedure to reach clinical studies and ultimately the launch into the market.
  4. Outsourcing saves own resources.


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